Gradius Rebirth updated

Gradius Rebirth updated

The official Japanese website of Konami confirms they've put out an update for their WiiWare game Gradius Rebirth. The new version has some significant changes:

  • Extra background music.
  • Adjustments to the scoring.
  • New ranking board (due to the above)
  • Enhanced visuals.
  • Displays your number of play times.
  • Adjustments to the stage selects.

The update is free, all you have to do is hit the Wii Shop Channel to download the game again.

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gradius player said:

Whatever happened to Gradius 6 KONAMI? Was hoping it made it to ps3 like Gradius 5 on ps2. Can't believe you guys (konami) turn a great game into shovelware DLC only for the Wii.


Son Ninja said:

At least the update is free and the game looks and plays better than before.


Francisco said:

Damn, I wish Konami adds a second player. Lack of nice space shooters on Wii.

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