Gradius coming to WiiWare

Gradius coming to WiiWare

Konami, the popular funsters behind such hit games as "Frogger Beyond", "Fisherman's Bait 2", "Hyper Athlete" and "Nagano Winter Olympics '98" have announced their first delicate steps onto WiiWare.

The game they'll be releasing is Gradius Rebirth, it's not yet clear whether this is a remake of an older title or a new effort. The Gradius franchise is one of side-scrolling shmups, players take the helm of a ship called the Vic Viper.

Gradius Rebirth is set to hit Japan sometime this Summer. So that's pretty soon.

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lews001 said:

Screenshot looks identical to the American Gradius 3 on SNES.


Master Foot said:

Unfortunately, I can't remember many co-op shooters from back in the day except for Darius Twin. Although I am looking forward for Gradius Rebirth, the graphics and music of Gradius V have spoiled me. By the way, Gradius V is the best.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

The first Gradius was awesome, I wonder how this'll turn out.

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