More Grasshopper in store for Wii

More Grasshopper in store for Wii

Suda 51 gave a talk at GDC recently, he revealed that developers Grasshopper are working on another two Wii titles in addition to the highly anticipated No More Heroes.

They are also busy porting an adventure game called The Silver Case onto the DS, but this will likely stay in Japan because of its abundant use of text.

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Wii Freak said:

Ride that grasshopper goomba!


Scooby Jew said:

Man, every 2 days or so Nintendo gets a new future project from a 3rd party publisher. Way to go, Nintendo!


Elementrat said:

Mmm. Grasshoppers are fun to poke.


TDS said:

Neeto - "No more Heroes" looks intense. I am sure their other games will be good too.


Gonzo said:

No more heroes. I don't know?


Ekaj185 said:

Yeah No More Heroes looks cool. Yatai!


cmk said:

I love text! Why do people think americans are afraid of text?


wiimaster said:

Killer7 was the best Gamecube game, No more heroes could possibly be the best Wii game. GO goichi suda!


stinky12694 said:

No more Heroes looks incredible!


BrothaZ said:

And god's people said "amen".


Hey said:

Hey, Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk made it. The Silver Case could get a chance.

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