Gravitronix hints

Gravitronix hints

Medaverse Studios, the developers of WiiWare's Gravitronix have sent out some useful strategies helping players get on the fast track to success in the game.

Flint and Tinder

Quite possibly the most risky but enjoyable technique to pull off in Gravitronix, the "flint and tinder" involves charging a cube, pushing it at an opponent's territory and then detonating the cube with a second projectile before they can capture the cube (which would neutralize the explosive charge) or detonate it themselves.

This is an INCREDIBLY risky maneuver as a wary enemy player or stray projectile could detonate the cube before it leaves your territory, but if timed correctly, it is one of the most devastating attacks in the game and can damage an entire shield wall of an opponent in a quarter territory.


Your gravity platform will move slower while it's carrying a captured projectile, but that doesn't mean you can't make use of the captured projectile as either a shield or to push a projectile into an adjacent territory.

While nudging, be careful that a projectile doesn't get stuck between your captured projectile and your shield pieces. The result will be disastrous.


A "V-Shot" is done by capturing a projectile, waiting until another projectile is incoming (a non-cube) and then quickly firing the first projectile at an opponent and then hitting the 2nd projectile at them with the repel beam.

I wouldn't recommend this one until you're comfortable with the control scheme, as it's easy to mess up and get hit by the incoming projectile or, if one of the projectiles is charged, have them collide and detonate near your shield pieces.

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