Puppy's Guitar Legends

Puppy's Guitar Legends

Some brand new all-american box arts. First up, musical sensation Guitar Hero 3. Don't be concerned with the lack of a Wi-Fi logo, it will be present on the real box, but this is just to show off the artwork.

Rock on!

Secondly we've got Soul Calibur Legends, another game that looks like it could be a winner.


Third we have Puppy Luv. One of those games where you look after a dog.

Luv him indeed.

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Kravex said:

Oh wow! Puppy love! (sarcasm).


Epsilon said:

Well, Soulcalibur Legends as a whole looks interesting. Just hope it won't deviate too much from the traditional Soulcalibur games.


Scooby Jew said:

1st two look awesome, and I think I speak for everybody here when I say: not so much for the third one.


Nintendoof said:

Eww! Puppy love?! Nintendo should make a Nintendogs version on Wii, titled Nintendogs: Wii Love You. Or something like that.


That Guy said:

WOO! I can't wait to get GH3 and.. Puppy love?


BrothaZ said:

To bottom box art: What the hell?


NinjaRygar said:

Soul Calibur is going to be great. That dog however, doesn't say "cute" to me. It looks like something out of pet cemetery.


The Doc said:

Sounds like Nintendogs.


Hey said:

Ahhh another Nintendog ripoff that will not succeed.


Dude said:

Nintendogs: Wii Love You? Dude you better get that copywritten before the Big N uses it!


A Yoshi Fan said:

It's NOT a Nintendogs ripoff, it's a game originally released on the PC.


divinity boy said:

Legends of ROCK.


YoshLee said:

I am so getting guitar hero 3 and soul caliber legends. The puppy thing maybe.


doglover said:

Soul Calibur Legends is a lot different than the rest of the Soul Caliburs. For example you run around instead of just facing your enemy and instead of fighting other playable characters you fight enemies called Evils on Quest.


HannahJuly said:

I actually OWN it on pc. It isn't the best game ever. The dog colection, dog island is a good one. I loved it. Until I had to save a doctor. GRR.

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