Guitar Hero 5 Wii features

Guitar Hero 5 Wii features

The Guitar Hero games on Wii must be selling pretty well, as developers Vicarious Visions and Activision are putting a lot of new features into the latest one, Guitar Hero 5.

  • Less friend code hassle: No friend codes are used in-game. Instead the system works off your universal Wii code. That is, if you have friends in your Wii's address book then they'll automatically be your friends in GH5.
  • DS link-up: A new co-op/competitive mode allows users to connect their DS up. This mode is known as "Roadie Battle".
  • 8 player online: Full support for online games over Wi-Fi (up to eight separate Wiis).
  • Party Play: This mode lets players drop in and out at will, with any combination of instruments.
  • Visuals: The graphical engine has undergone a full overhaul allowing for new lighting effects and other improvements.

So how do you feel about Guitar Hero, has it gotten stale, or does it still have the power to rock your world?

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Brandon said:

I've been playing Guitar Hero since the first one released and I have to say that the series has been getting stale. I'm going to choose not to purchase Guitar Hero 5.


Perfect Gun said:

I got Guitar hero world tour so I say am getting Guitar hero 5.


Albino173 said:

I'm probably most likely going to get Guitar Hero 5. I love the new improvements to the Wii version like the graphics.


KEITH said:

Will you be able to use the DS guitar grip to actually play in Guitar Hero 5? If so then, yes.

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Sydney said:

Bradon is right, the guitar hero games are very stale. I almost fell asleep playing world tour with my friend. Guitar Hero 3 is the last challenging version I would have to say.


Albino173 said:

Don't forget that Guitar Hero Metallica is pretty challenging.

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