Mistake on GH Metallica box

Mistake on GH Metallica box

Stop the press, major news! A spelling error has cropped up on the cover of Guitar Hero: Metallica. Not that you'd notice, unless you're familiar with the particular band. Can you spot it?

That's right, they've missed the fourth Y in "Lynyrd Skynyrd" on the left hand side of the box. How could they..

*UPDATE* - Activision has now stepped up and corrected the mistake. Talk about a close shave..!

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Yoshi-1up said:

That's what they get for being Metallica. I'll still buy it.


Frogman said:

Screw it, it has grammatical errors. There's no way it can ever be a good game now. I'm glad I saw this, I'm staying away from this game.


AlbinoJedi said:

They better fix this before release or else they're going to look pretty stupid to a lot of people. I still really want to get this game.


Money Cash said:

Who has the time to find these mistakes? Who paid that much attention to the cover?


Aeth said:

Money Cash, probably the same people who found that little "subliminal message" in the title of Super Mario Galaxy box.


pumkin said:

That's actually not a grammatical error. It's an orthographical, or spelling, one.

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