Guitar Hero World Tour DLC on Wii

Guitar Hero World Tour DLC on Wii

Good news for GH fans. In a recent interview, the developer of Guitar Hero World Tour on Wii confirmed that downloadable songs will be available.

VV's CEO Karthik Bala had a few choice words to share:

"Guitar Hero World Tour will be the first Wii game to offer downloadable songs through an in-game music store. Players can preview, purchase and download songs using Wii Points. We'll have new tracks available on a regular basis".

Concerned about storage? Worry no more! Songs can be stored in a "rock archive" on SD cards, and used directly from there when needed. To store the music, a compact new format specific to Wii has been developed. The game disc itself will contain 85 tracks, which is a lot of music.

Bala says they were surprised at how many people were playing the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 online, and the multiplayer this time around has really been fleshed out, with head-to-head modes, co-op modes and online career modes.

"The Wii is definitely a platform that appeals to a wide variety of people. A big part of Guitar Hero's success has come from its accessibility and broad appeal. In a way, it inherently overlaps with the Wii audience and their interests. Having said that, we are working on some Wii specific features that I can't quite talk about just yet".

If you're a Wii owner and into rhythm games, this sounds like it could be a winner.

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LuiJake said:



me said:



ToTaLgAmEr said:

I can't wait, I don't think aerosmith will get boring before long, I think it should come out in august.


Linkman806 said:

Once again THANK YOU Activision for stepping up on making Wii games. First Call of duty WAW and now guitar hero. Now if we can only get more developers to do that. I think Ubisoft is starting to get the idea.

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Nova said:

Cool. I'm glad I saw this before I got GH3. I'd rather wait for this than get GH3 right now.


wiifan said:

I'm ready to buy it. Preorder definite. I'll be picking it up at midnite. Screw Rock Band. Looks like GH is serious about satisfying Wii users that they made SD card storage available in game and intend to give a real complete online option. I'm in love.


Nintendoof said:

Double Woot.


Senpai said:

Now all we need are international songs (and no, Europe doesn't count as international, there are places out there other than England).


wiiboy101 said:

The sd card acts as a direct hard-drive, solid state drive. Can we please put storage devices and hard drive fetishes to bed now.


Rozz said:

Awesome, just awesome. I love GH, plus online, and DLC, it will be awesome!


Master Foot said:

At least someone's stepping up! They actually took the time to make a new format to compensate for Nintendo's biggest blunder.


JimmyPage said:

This is great news. I just got gh3 and after thinking I'd get bored after a few days I was wrong, I'm addicted. Does anyone know a release date?


gsc w00t said:

Well this is going to change a lot of Wii owners minds about buying rock band. Can't wait, already preordered.


parvin said:

This looks like a sick game, because of the option to play the drums, guitar, or sing!


Jamison said:

Yep, my rock band for my Wii will be hitting ebay VERY soon. It's very lame and won't be able to compete with GH4. Well dome harmonix, hope that egg tastes good on your face.


gad said:

I didn't get rock band so now I have money to get guitar hero world tour. I am so glad I saved my money.


megadeth 23 said:

I heard that rockband 2 will have carry on my wayward son - kansas, acdc - let there be rock and megadeth - peace sells. I plan on getting rockband 2 on the release date and I'll be having fun with that for so long I can wait until Christmas to get gh:wt, this rocks.


bearbrawl said:

I've already preordered it and I am going to have a blast with my friends and family+ get tons of SD cards. It will be interesting to see who wins the console wars GH or RB, but I support GH all the way. My bands name will be Black Sun. Watch out world. Here comes the bear.


Connor from Canada said:

I got the game this morning (I had it preordered) and I've only played through half of the songs (the songs seem to never stop coming- 86 songs in Career Mode). My hand is terribly sore at the moment. Anyways, I really love this game. Much better than GH3. The guitar's longer strum bar and longer whammy bar allow you to do simple things like whammy much easier. There is also a Star Power button right where your hand rests on the guitar so you don't have to tilt the guitar up to use Star Power. So far, the game is amazing. The only complaint I have is about my guitar: it rarely recognizes when I tilt the guitar up, I have to like tilt it up and then wave it around for it to use Star Power. My GH3 guitar is much better in that respect. Also, the character customization has been taken to a whole other level: you can customize everything on your character from whether or not it's a guy or girl to what color eyes he/she has and the color of his/her shoes. You can customize your characters' in-game guitar, bass, drums, and even mic! It's a sweet game, definitely worth the purchase.

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