How to take screenshots on Wii U

How to take screenshots on Wii U

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Sometimes you're in the middle of a game and something cool or hilarious happens, you'd like to keep that moment for posterity. With Wii U you can, kind of, by taking a screenshot.

There are some drawbacks to this system which we'll talk about, but here are the simple steps to take a screenshot:

    Wii U screenshot steps
  1. Get what you want to capture on the screen (either the TV, or the GamePad screen).
  2. Hit the 'Home' button on the GamePad.
  3. Go into the 'Miiverse', it will load up a community for the game you're playing.
  4. Touch 'Post' on the bottom right.
  5. Touch the image icon, and select which screen you're capturing.
  6. Add some kind of comment and touch 'Post'.

After this procedure, your screenshot will be posted onto the Miiverse community. At the moment, there is no way to save your screens onto SD card or system memory. This could be implemented in a future system update, though.

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rasengan91 said:

thx for the info, wish we could download the shots tho.

7 years ago

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