Captain Falcon's SSBB moves

Captain Falcon's SSBB moves

Today we take a look at the moves of Captain Falcon, in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl update. This heroic looking blue guy comes from the F-Zero racing series.

Flash! Oh-ohhhhhh.

Yoga chills me out after a hard day's racing.

Johnny 5 is alive!

YEEESH! Who let this thing out?

How to unlock Captain Falcon

  • Play 70 Brawls
  • Beat Classic Brawl Mode on the Normal difficulty setting or greater in less than 12 minutes
  • Get Captain Falcon to join your party in The Subspace Emissary

Puff, I'm getting too old for this.

Standard special move: Falcon Punch
CF's most famous move, the Falcon Punch is back! It's a heavy hitter.

Come here beardo.

Tee-hee, he doesn't suspect a thing.

Just minding my own-a business.

Excuse me, I think you're on fire.

Down special move: Falcon Kick
The direction of this kick changes, depending on whether you're in the air or on solid ground.

Final Smash: Blue Falcon
The Blue Falcon is CF's racing machine, for this move opponents get pulled onto a high speed racing track.

Hey I was in the middle of lunch.

Hedgehogs and monkeys, the usual roadkill.

Beep beep, late for a meeting.

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User comments


ganondorfrules said:

Hey that's pretty cool capt falcon being a secret character and all and his moves are the same pretty much but they look good.


pichu fan said:

This week was falcon week, he looks cool and real funny pics. Next is jigglypuff and maybe mewtwo and roy.


sexystf said:

Yes! One of my favorites.


#1 Peach Fan said:

I have nothing agianst Captian Falcon but I'm shocked he made it in.


SuperLuigiBros said:

CF's final smash kicks ass.


Brawler 200 said:

Alright finally! Now I've got the info I need to get him as a character.


Aeth said:

Poor Captain Falcon, got his speed title taken away by Sonic (How does a F-Zero Pilot deal with the fact he wes outrun by a blue, two-footed, hedgehog?). But then again with a Final Smash like that and two awesome moves he scream out, it makes up for the loss. Man, I hope they release more of Snake's conversations soon, I want to hear several more of the ones I don't know (someone translated a few, but not all). I would like to hear the Pokemon Trainer, Kirby and Snake conversations.


xxBluefalconxx said:

YESSS! My favorite character was updated today.


Mr Kickass said:

Funny quotes, I thought they would put this guy in, but what about Mega Man? That would have been an ample decision, and would've kicked the game into high gear, just needs different moves. He would slightly be a clone of samus, but that's only with the power shot, I guess he could have weapon change, super dash, rush suit, and other stuff. His final smash would have to be Astro Crush, from Mega Man 8. That would be awesome.


zeldafan said:

I knew he'd be in brawl! My brother is a big fan of him.


Nintendoof said:

Glad he's back. I like his Falcon Punch revert the best.


NintendoRulZ said:

Cool, love him.


Charlie said:

Hey, where's the knee? That was his best move.

Avatar 7

shadow said:

Nice captions as usual. Captain Falcon looks to be greater than before.


Quartz said:

Teehee, Sonic's faster.


n0vaflar3 said:

Nice moves CF, we all knew you'd come back in a big way.


Nintendoof said:

Did anyone notice the giant R.O.B in pics 3 and 5?


Epsilon said:

Sorry, but no Mewtwo or Roy. Heh, took them long enough to announce my fighter of choice.


Ultigonio said:

@Nintendoof: Stage gimmick, I'm guessing. Just there for background.


Nintendoof said:

I know Utigonio.


theykilledkenny said:

They totally took that whole Sonic thing out of context, because any smash fan can tell, that was C Falcon's down smash as we all know he runs much different, visible in pic three (down smash in pic five). That really made me mad.


Wii Freak said:

How come rob is there if Nintendo didn't confirm her?


some mad guy said:

Wow that's pretty sad. You're not even talking about his best attack. The Knee! A single blow on an ennemy over 50-60% is an instant KO and the bad thing is they nerfed it really bad. Less damages and less knockback. I guess I'll just go back practice with a swordsman. Cheap killers but at least they didn't nerf em at all.


Pit + CF= Awesome said:

Dude! I played with CF in the original super smash and in melee! I was really disappointed when I heard rumors that he wouldn't appear in the game, but I'm happy as can be now. Just got Brawl this morning and I'll be unlocking him in the next 12 minutes. By the way you can't say the Falcon punch looks sweet.


Nintendoof said:

Okay. I'm pretty sure that place in pics 3 and 5 is Port City. I've played there a lot. But, I still don't know why R.O.B. would be there.


Lucario said:

Nice Captain Falcon quotes. I just got a Wii and brawl, like uh about a week ago or a little more XD and the giant R.O.B is well kind of weird. I almost got all the characters, just need wolf, toon link and a little more I guess. I like it. By Katrina ^.^


CF Fan said:

Captain Falcon is the Best (fav character by the way). He ownes all.


linkwolf said:

Nice Captain Falcon quotes. My brother and I just got brawl.

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