Ike's final smash

Ike's final smash

Happy Monday. Sakurai shows us Ike's final smash move in today's Super Smash Bros Brawl updated.

It's called Great Aether, which is a supercharged version of his regular Aether move. Ike is invincible while doing this move, so stand back and admire.

Come to papa.

I challenge you to a duel *wap*.

Turn the lights back on, I can't see what I'm doing.

This is my callsign.

That's gonna hurt in the morning.

Orange alert.

My mallet can't compete with this BS.

Juggling eases my stress.

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User comments


Sonic Phantom said:

That looks cool. Better than DK's "Final Smash", that's for sure.


dragoon3646 said:

They didn't show us the amazing combo he does along with it. I'd be pissed if they took the combo out.


Peach is #1 said:

I don't know why but this is not that interesting, I don't hate Ike, he's just not my favorite. Sorry for all Ike fans.


insultman911 said:

Cool final smash.


BrothaZ said:

Not too cool but not too bad. I'd have to do the move to get an idea of it, but we need some good news from sakurai soon.


EDD said:

Never thought this was going to be ike's final smash.


#1 Peach Fan said:

Not the update I wanted, but it looks neat. I like the 4th pic.


Nintendoof said:

Yeah! Finally.


Aeth said:

Kind of follows the same rule as Meta Knight's Final Smash, but this one provides much more action and looks awesome. You definitely wouldn't want to be caught in this onslaught of sword and flames.


Elebot said:

Sort of like Link's but with fire.


xMr1337x said:

Seems quite rigged especially in teams, the last pic explains it all.


SSB4LIFE said:

Pretty cool. I wonder how much damage it does. Ike is one of my favorite characters at the moment.


YoshLee said:

Ike's final smash is cool but I've already seen this on a demo. I hope tomorrow they show a huge update about the subspace adventure mode.


Master Foot said:

I was expecting something like Cloud's Omnislash. Come on man, I hope they aren't just rushing the Brawl to capitalize on the post holiday game thirst.


Scooby Jew said:

Looks like they just improved his special up move to me; and I'm not drawing that conclusion from the name of the two attacks (Aether and Great Aether). They're both basically the same when you come to think about it, only one does more damage. They could have done better with his final smash.


GamingGuy84 said:

Cool Final Smash. However, I'm irritated that Sakurai has not confirmend another playable new character 2 weeks straight! How long before we know who will be next in the roster?


Jinchuuriki 88 said:

The comments are funny.


RisingPhoenix said:

Ike is the coolest, most badass character right now (until Sheik appears).


Crazy Hand said:

I love 7th caption down. I'd love it if Dedede spoke like that.


wiicloud9 said:

Nice captions, along with a nice final smash.


Hey said:

Ahhhh the captions for Donkey Kong and King Dedede.


frogman said:

SSB4Life, I believe from the video that the final smash does around 50-75% damage. Judging by Ike and Meta knight's final smashes, it looks like Sakurai's team is having a little trouble coming up with unique final smash ideas. This is my opinion so I would appreciate it if if people refrained from any insults jeered towards me. Also, I've never played either a Kirby or Fire Emblem game so I don't much about the characters. Again, these are my personal observations. It may rack up a lot of damage but seems to be a little on the cheesy side.


wiistorm13 said:

Good final smash but let's see it in action before we judge it.


Bucket said:

I played as Ike at E For All and this thing drills, especially if you smash em through the platforms in skyworld.


Luigito said:

Marth's final smash is 10 times better if you ask me. Marths looks a lot cooler because it isn't as flashy for one, and second of all his is a 1 hit kill. Marth is just better in general, aside from counter.


ike or death said:

Oh come on people, lighten up a little. Ike owns and his final smash does the most damage I've seen from those used. Opposed to Ganondorf's that is.

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