Interview with Michael Aschenbrenner

Interview with Michael Aschenbrenner

RCMADIAX boss talks about Blok Drop U

After having a go of the indie title Blok Drop U I decided to get in touch with the creator for my first video game related interview.

Michael Aschenbrenner is a busy man and also a hard working one at that with his company RCMADIAX, so it's great that he has answered some questions for us.

If you have £1.29 spare then I do recommend Blok Drop U for those puzzle gaming fanatics who want something different.

What was the first game you ever played, and on what console?

MA: From what I can remember, the first game I ever played was Super Mario Bros. for NES.

How did gaming effect your perspective on life?

MA: I don't think gaming really has effected my perspective on life, but it doesn't make it much more enjoyable :)

What inspired you to make Blok Drop U?

MA: Playing LEGO's as a child and building a huge building and then immediately destroying it lol.

What was the budget for the game?

MA: Not including the cost of development hardware, then I'd say the budget was around $50.00.

How much time did you put into making this game, did it consume your spare time?

MA: Since I work a full-time job, developing games does consume all my free-time at the moment.

Your game seems to only have 30 levels, with the unique gameplay could you make more levels with different obstacles with PingPlus?

MA: Yes that is the plan to add on to the game with additional levels.

Do you think introducing these levels as a different package will be really effective?

MA: It won't be a complete new package, it will be provided as a FREE update for existing users.

What ideas did you have to scrap for Blok Drop U, and why did you scrap them?

MA: I'm keeping these a secret as I may add them in a future update.

How important is indie gaming for the Nintendo Wii U?

MA: It will really help Nintendo grow the eShop's choice of software.

How many more games have you got planned for Wii U?

MA: I have a total of 6 games going to market throughout 2014. With several additional titles planned for 2015.

Do you plan on a Blok Drop game for 3DS?

MA: Not at this time.

Quick answers to quick questions. We look forward to the RCMADIAX games coming over the next 6 months. After finding out $50.00 was the budget for this game I have newfound respect for indie titles and the time and effort put into them.

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