Iwata talks about Miyamoto replacement

Iwata talks about Miyamoto replacement

It's no secret that Shigsy is getting long in the tooth, in a recent Q&A with Nintendo, President Satoru Iwata was asked about finding a successor to such a gaming genius:

"Certainly, when it comes to identifying and verbalizing some of the important major findings, not many people can easily succeed him. For example, who other than Shigeru Miyamoto could declare that weighing yourself every day must be fun for everyone? However, the fact that Nintendo software is always full of unique and fun ideas attests to the fact that we have many good game creators. Together with Shigeru Miyamoto, all of them have been making Nintendo software. So, I've always thought that we foster game creators here at the company".

Mr Miyamoto is currently 56 years old and has been the driving force behind a large number of Nintendo's hit games.

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YoshLee said:

I hope Shigsy stays around a bit longer. Worst case scenario we won't find a new successor and will have to get new ideas from Masahiro (the only other producer I believe can match Shigsy).


BrothaZ said:

56 isn't really that old, I think he could stick around for another 10 years or so.


Captain Jamesman said:

It's quite a shock they might want to replace Mr. Miyamoto. I mean don't get me wrong here, everyone reaches that time in life, but still I'm sure that Miyamoto can work with Nintendo for a few more years.


Darunia said:

Yeah, miyamoto-san said he wasn't planning on retiring anytime soon in another interview. And if anyone was to follow in his footsteps, it'd be sakurai-san.


Supersmashdodo said:

I don't think sakurai would want to work with Nintendo any more. I hope shigsy will stay a bit longer, besides it would be a sad day if he ever retired.


Brawler 200 said:

If Mr. Miyamoto retires, Nintendo might go downhill big time with it's original franchises. Let's face it, nobody but Mr. Miyamoto can make Nintendo fun.


Luis D said:

Pfff, like they can afford to get rid of him. Guys, this is just a joke.

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