New ape in Super Monkey Ball

New ape in Super Monkey Ball

See that monkey over there? That is Jam, a new character set to appear in Sega's Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll.

Here are some more shots of him in action:

He seems to have some kind of kung-fu vibe going on. For me, the Super Monkey Ball series goes downhill with every new entry. I can't see Jam single handedly bucking that trend.

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Grey said:

If it wasn't for the angry eyebrow, I'd say he looks like Richard Simmons.


Captain Jamesman said:

I have to admit, Jam doesn't look half bad. At least now I can say that Step and Roll won't be a 100% clone of Banana Blitz.

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cslawrisuk said:

I agree he's such a handsome ape

4 years ago

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