Jett Rocket on WiiWare from Shin'en

Jett Rocket on WiiWare from Shin'en

Quality developers Shin'en have announced a cool looking game for WiiWare in this brand new press release.

Shin'en Multimedia announces the development of Jett Rocket for WiiWare.

Jump and run and fly! Let Jett Rocket explore the beautiful planet of Yoroppa and find out why it has been attacked by the evil 'Power Plant Posse'. Ride the ocean on your Jet Boat, parachute from giant cliffs, speed through arctic regions on your Jet Snowboard or skyrocket with your Jet Pack. Just be Jett Rocket in this epic futuristic full 3D Action-Adventure!

Jett Rocket will be available exclusively via Nintendo's WiiWare service.

Screens of this colorful looking title can be seen on the Jett Rocket page.

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