McEnroe in Grand Slam Tennis - seriously!

McEnroe in Grand Slam Tennis - seriously!

EA has announced that tennis legend John McEnroe will be a playable character in their upcoming sports game Grand Slam Tennis. He commented:

"It's great that EA Sports is embracing tennis into its family of games. It's a solid sign the sport is thriving, I hope it will continue to generate more excitement and interest in tennis. Wimbledon being exclusive to this game is huge because it's such a special tournament, for the sport and for me personally".

Well known in the 80's for his aggressive personality, McEnroe won seven Grand Slam singles titles. Having retired from the pro circuit in 1992, he now spends his time in the commentary box and playing in seniors events.

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Cardboard cut out graphics? NO THANKS EA. Why are the spectators cut out psp graphics? Where's the 3d animated spectators like Mario soccer did like 2 years ago at 60 frames a second? It's a Wii not a psp.

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