Karous Wii confirmed

Karous Wii confirmed

A week or so back rumors were circulating about Milestone bringing a game to the Wii. Now publishers O3 have confirmed it will be the shooter Karous ("Crows" in english).

It's not certain whether the game will make it out of Japan though.

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Zendalf said:

Crows are cool.


Elementrat said:

I like shooters. Does anyone have any background knowledge on this developer? Hopefully this is the compelling FPS we are waiting for (besides Metroid).


Scooby Jew said:

Any details?


Sonic Fan said:

It could be the Kilvas ravens.


Keine said:

Shooter, not FPS.


SBB said:

Milestone was formed from several employees from the excellent Compile after that company folded. But no, this isn't an FPS; it's a shoot-em-up.

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