Dedede's brawl moves

Dedede's brawl moves

Yesterday King Dedede from the Kirby franchise was announced as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Today we get to hear about some of his moves.

Dedede's Up Special Move is called the Super Dedede Jump. He jumps a great height in the air and slams down hard with his hammer. While in the air he can't move around a lot, and when he lands he's vulnerable to attacks. But on the positive side, you can cancel the move in mid-air if you want to.

Is it a bird?? Yes.

Disorder, chaos, anarchy: now that's fun!

The switcheroo.

His Side Special Move is called the Waddle Dee Toss. This is where he pulls out Waddle Dee creatures and throws them, and occasionally other types.

Feeding time.

Waddle Doo means business.

I knew something was sticking in me.

Lastly, Dedede's Down Special Move is the Jet Hammer. His mallet isn't as simple as it first appeared, using the control stick you can charge it up to be a real destructive force.

Thanks MTV, for pimpin' my mallet.

This is the end!

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User comments


feb10isfatheraway said:

That looks AWESOME.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

I like that second last one about pimping my mallet.


pichu fan said:

Not a very good update to end the week, but it was okay. Love the seventh caption.


Aeth said:

I bet you that Mallet transformation has something to do with his Final Smash. Maybe like he creates a sonic boom from his mallet swing, I know the perfect name for it: Mallet Boom.


insultman911 said:

They always reveal the moves the next day. Sweet moves. I hope bowser jr's playable as a secret character.


Super King said:

Oh man, I didn't think I would ever really use King Dedede until this update. His special moves look fun! I just might have to try him out after all.


Hello said:

They didn't say anything about his normal smash button. And I wonder if this jump will be like Kirby.


Peach is #1 said:

The Waddle Dee toss is copying off Peach's Turnips from Melee, that makes me mad, but good update.


Nintendoof said:

Characters I still want playable: Waluigi, Olimar, Louie, WW Link, Wolf'O'Donnell, Dr Lobe, Vaati, Twilight Link and Zant.


Master Foot said:

I don't like the fact that he is vulnerable after the super jump. Maybe it's to balance out the game, but at higher difficulties cpu opponents will always know when it's coming.


Elebot said:

Yeah, looks pretty interesting. Don't really get the hammer thing, but Waddle Dee toss is cool.


RisingPhoenix said:

The Waddle Dee toss is the best. He sends out his minions and then they walk around for a while creating some stage hazards. I wonder how many of them can be out at a time? I hope he has a blizzard type of an attack because he IS a penguin. I think I'll use this guy once in a while.


#1 Peach Fan said:

I like how he uses some bad guys as his attack. This game keeps getting better and better.


insultman911 said:

Ya know, king dedede doesn't look all that evil.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Add this to Nintendoof's list: Lucario.


Roof said:

Pimp my hammer- YEAH.



Zant would be an awesome character.


frogman said:

I've never played a kirby game but dedede's moves seem sort of, well, random. Again, I've never played a kirby game and don't know too much about dedede, but still.


Thunderbird said:

YA! Dedede is the best character in the game! Can't wait to play as him.

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