King of Clubs trailer

The King of Clubs for Wii was announced by Oxygen Games a week or so back, now they've come out with a trailer.

The game follows a guy called Big Bubba, some kinda Elvis wannabe with a beard. He's an entrepreneur and is keen to make a success of himself out in the Nevada desert.

The trailer doesn't tell us much, except that Bubba likes burgers and is pretty agile for a fat guy. The press release describes King of Clubs as an action puzzle game with vintage "Americana" graphics and soundtrack. It features 96 levels and a supposedly humorous multiplayer mode.

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wii rox said:

This is a joke, right?


Scooby Jew said:

No comment.


cmk said:

Uh WOW. Looks like the bk games have a knockoff?

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Nova said:

Well there isn't much to judge on this one.


Ekaj185 said:

OK. I'm ahh, speechless?


Gonzo said:

96 levels is a lot. This game doesn't give that much information though.


Grumbling said:

Reminds me of those Rayman trailers with the rabbits not playing football, not getting into a convention, etc. I guess they'll let us know more at some point.

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