King of Clubs

Published by Oxygen, Developed by Oxygen

Genres: Puzzle / Action

US release date: Aug 30th, 2007 | EU release date: -

King of Clubs


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User comments


Dave Falcon said:

Golf maybe.


Sonic Fan said:

No, it's probably poker.


wheez said:

Maybe it's like a sim city thing where you run your own club chain.


im jyesta said:

Nah I think that is poker.


Master Foot said:

Poker was my first guess, but it's another golf game.


Grrr said:

No it's some Xtreme sport: mini-putt.


Chaos said:

The title threw me off completely. I thought it was about card games. Then again, it could have meant both golf and cards couldn't it?


Wii Man (ENGLAND) said:

It is definitely golf.

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