Knuckle Joe in SSBB

Knuckle Joe in SSBB

Ever heard of a guy called Knuckle Joe? I know I hadn't! But he's the latest assisting character revealed today on the official Super Smash Bros Brawl site.

He's taken from the world of Kirby. He seems to have a martial arts vibe about him, and he likes to wear thongs on his head. Also most of his moves seem to be ripped out of Street Fighter.

Already seeking the next challenge, ceremony means nothing to him.

Wake Yoshi up when it's over.



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Kitchwa said:

Saw this on the site about an hour ago. Pretty cool update. Lol at the captions. First to post as well.


Gamefreak said:

Yay. Knuckle Joe was my favorite character in Kirby Super Star. I hope someone makes a cheat to find the debug menu so I can play as him.


smash fan x said:

If they put sonic as an assist I will go crazy. The raving rabid would be a good character or assist though.


Master Foot said:

The lighting so far is awesome. You can't call yourself a Nintendo fan without knowing Knuckle Joe. Check out Kirby Superstar, cough VC game! Joe would have been an awesome playable character, so Nintendo should have some pretty awesome NEW PLAYABLE characters lined up.


Crimson Hawk said:

I've never seen him before.


B Darius said:

Oh yeah! I remember Knuckle Joe! In "Kirby Super Star" he was one of your partners.


sexystf said:

I remember a game named knuckle joe, but isn't the same guy.


Captain Jamesman said:

That's cool. I hope they have another cool assist character next time, like Boo! Wasn't the first caption up there like a reference to Ryu's Ending from SF2?


ssbbssbbssbb said:

Please don't make Sonic an assist character! He probably won't be though, because then Sega would get mad.


SSB4LIFE said:

Cool. He should be useful.


Sonic Phantom said:

Good old Knuckle Joe, I remembered him from Kirby Super Star. He'll be a good assist character for sure.


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

I don't remember him.


Hey said:

I have a better subtitle for the second picture: ORAORAORAORAORA!. OOOOOORA.


Yoshi-1up said:

That guy rocks.


Scooby Jew said:

I never heard of him either, but he still seems like a great assist trophy to have handy. I hope he gets over his thong-wearing fetish before Brawl comes out.


KOOL-AID said:

This assist character idea sounded alright at first, but now if you really think about it some of the characters that everyone really wants could end up as assist characters not playable ones. You know like King Dedede, Diddy, Bowser Jr. And yes, Sonic might become an assist character too because face it Dr Wright is third party and he became an assistant. Yet I don't believe that will happen because those characters are actually popular.


pichu fan said:

I need to know more about characters and assist characters.


Gonzo said:

Naw, I don't know about Knuckle Joe! I hope he's a good assist man.


Googolmario said:

I don't know who he is either. Still cool though. Now show us an actual playable character, Sakurai. Please?


Jordan said:

Never heard of him, but should be fun.


Matteus said:

I wasn't expecting knuckle joe to be an assist. Wow he brings back memories.


kuncklejoe said:

He's so cool.

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jesse said:

Put luigi in there, but not with the same moves as mario. Let his smash be electric, like in mario & luigi super star saga.


mario fan said:

Please don't put 2d people in there.


Sikk said:

Was he the one in the Kirby games that you had to break the bricks with or whatever?

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