Konami announces new game

Konami announces new game

Publishers Konami have announced that a new game called Dewy's Adventure is in the pipeline for Wii.

It's being worked on by the same team that brought us Elebits, and has been built from the ground up (nice) with the Wii's controller in mind.

The game sees you taking control of Dewy (pictured, bless him). Dewy is a raindrop, you move him around using the Wiimote making use of his elemental powers (freezing, boiling, etc) to get through puzzles. You can also control aspects of the weather, such as lightning, the wind or even earthquakes by performing certain gestures with the Wiimote.

According to Konami, players can tackle the stages on their own or cooperatively with a friend. All in all Dewy's Adventure definitely looks like one to keep an eye on.

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User comments


Jason Pilcher said:

Sounds interesting I suppose.


stinky12694 said:

I like the idea.


asparaWIIgus said:

Hopefully it's as good as elebits.


Ekaj185 said:



Gonzo said:

Sound weird, yet interesting.


Elementrat said:

Odd. That's all I can think of, but hopefully, it will retain the flavor of Elebits.


cmk said:

We'll see.


Master Foot said:

Let's see how this goes. Step out the box and do something new.


hbh said:

Nintendo's about originality, that sounds pretty original.

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