Walk It Out says Konami

Walk It Out says Konami

If Yoga or Pilates aren't your thing, Konami invites you to just walk instead, with their latest fitness offering Walk It Out.

This up-tempo game/regime features over a hundred music tracks from artists like Black Eyed Peas and a glut of mini-games. A number of control schemes are supported too, including the Balance Board, Konami's Dance Pad and plain Nunchuk/Wiimote.

Graphs and statistics will chart how many calories you've burned, giving you an immense feeling of well-being and a positive glow which the opposite sex will find attractive. In no time at all you'll be healthy, wealthy and popular. Ker-ching!

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Mischief Shadow said:

I don't really know if I can trust 3rd parties when it comes to fitness and training games. Maybe it's just me.


Hmm said:

I really don't know. Well I'm no expert. But did they just make a game about.. walking? Because you know. You could just get up and well walk without spending 50 bucks.

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Nova said:

The last thing I need is ANOTHER music/exercise peripheral.


cuculainn said:

I.. don't get it. This is the most idiotic idea I've ever seen.

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