Kororinpa 2 confirmed

Kororinpa 2 confirmed

Previous whispers were true, Hudson have made me (and likely a few other people) happy today by announcing Kororinpa 2 at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Kororinpa is a game where you take control of a maze, guiding a marble to the end of the level while collecting crystals along the way. The first game was praised for its play mechanics, but scolded for its low number of stages. The sequel hopes to improve on that, here's a trailer.

    Kororinpa 2 features
  • Over 100 unique stages.
  • Wii Balance Board support for 10 special levels.
  • Head to heads for up to four players.
  • Design your own levels and balls.
  • Mii support.

Seems like they've listened to what players of the first game wanted. There's even an ant-based storyline. All in all, it could potentially be awesome.

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Senpai said:

What makes this game perfect, by default. 1) Kororinpa 2) Level design 3) Balance board support, I got to get one just for this game.


Cervantes said:

Yay! I played the first one, and my only gripe was that there weren't enough levels in it. And it seems they've remedied this with the 100+ new levels, and the level Editor. Also, I thought there weren't enough checkpoints in some of the later levels. But I can deal with that. As far as I'm concerned, this is a buy for me if you can share levels you made.


Nintendoof said:

Custom builder? Sweet. 4-Player? Can't get better. Balance Board? My Awesometer just blew up.

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Ashley said:

Kororinpa was awesome. Kororinpa 2 will be.. what's a word for better than awesome?


kevin smith said:

Can you tell me when it is coming out to buy.

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