Lego Batman tidbits

Lego Batman tidbits

Some details have surfaced about Traveller's Tales' latest project, LEGO Batman: The Videogame.

  • Both Batman and Robin are playable.
  • The Penguin and The Joker feature.
  • Two player co-op is an option.
  • Build your own vehicles.

You can expect to catch up with the caped crusader sometime in 2008.

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Scooby Jew said:

*gasp!* Wii's World is using gifs now?


Master Foot said:

Batman has to be the most badass superhero. He's just a regular guy in a cape.


Nintendoof said:

Danna nanna nanna nanna danna nanna nanna BATMAN! Batman.

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Nova said:

Is this the first news to have animation? I think so.


BrothaZ said:

Well it could be worse. My nose could be gushing blood.


Keranu said:

I love that icon.


Ima Guy said:



Fizzlo said:

I don't like Batman much, but I do like the look of this game. I'll probably get it.

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