Star Wars and Pinbusters

Star Wars and Pinbusters

Saturday box art, is there anything sweeter? Here we've got LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, and then AMF Bowling: Pinbusters.

Put some clothes on Leia, you're scaring the ewoks.

Bust those pins, sucka.

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Rob Jones

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R2D2 said:

The box art is weird.

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Nova said:

Darn, when I saw the title for Star Wars I thought it was for The Force Unleashed. I'm still hoping that comes to the Wii.


Scooby Jew said:

Neither of those really sparked my interest, I'm sad to say.


F Zero X vc said:

Eww, Anakin is checking out his own daughter!


divinity boy said:

Yea, The Force Unleashed looks MAD.


Nickhead said:

He, the star wars caption looks funny.


blackeyed playboy said:

Bring on the Star Wars Saga! Think I just wet my pants with excitement.

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Lay-Z Boy said:

No Palpatine on the cover?

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