List of stages in NSMBU

List of stages in NSMBU

All the Mario world's a stage

A partial list of stages from Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. U has been released onto the Internet. They seem to follow quite a typical pattern from 2D Mario games - worlds broken down into levels with mini-fortresses at half way and a castle at the end. Those pesky ghost houses are also thrown into the mix.

In case you're interested, here are the stage names released so far:

    Acorn Plains
  1. "Acorn Plains Way"
  2. "Tilted Tunnel"
  3. Tower: "Crushing Cogs Tower"

  4. "Yoshi Hill"
  5. "Mushroom Heights"
  6. "Rise of the Piranha Plants"
  7. Castle: "Lemmy's Swingback Castle"

    Layer Cake Desert
  1. "Stone-Eye Zone"
  2. "Perilous Pokey Cave"
  3. "Fire Snake Cavern"
  4. Fortress: "Layer Cake Fortress"

  5. "Spike's Spouting Sand"
  6. "Blooming Lakitu's"
  7. Castle: "Morton's Compactor Castle"

    Sparkling Waters
  1. "Waterspout Beach"
  2. "Tropicial Refresher"
  3. "Above the Cheep Cheep Sea"
  4. Tower: "Giant Skewer Tower"

  5. "Urchin Shoal"
  6. "Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto"
    Frosted Glacier
  1. "Spinning Star Sky"
  2. "Cooligan Fields"
  3. Tower: "Freezing Rain Tower"

  4. "Prickly Goombas"
  5. "Scaling the Mountainside"
  6. "Icicle Caverns"
  7. Ghost House: "Swinging Ghost House"

    Castle: "Wendy's Shifting Castle"

    Soda Jungle
  1. "Jungle of the Giants"
  2. "Bridge Over Poisoned Water"
  3. Tower: "Snake Block Tower"

  4. "Bramble Jungle
  5. "Painted Swamp Land"
  6. "Deepsea Ruins"
  7. Castle: "Iggy's Volcanic Castle"

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the_yoshi said:

i just love that the worlds have names now!

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