Little League Baseball 08

In a press release earlier today, Activision announced a new sports title for Wii and DS: Little League World Series Baseball 2008. Activision's Dave Oxford said:

"Little League baseball fans, players and families simply haven't had a video game made just for them, so our goal is to fill this niche. Creating this game with the Little League organization has been a pleasure and we look forward to paying homage to the three million Little League players around the world today".


  • Batting, pitching and fielding.
  • 8 US teams.
  • 8 International teams.
  • Deep character customization.
  • World Series Mode + skill-based challenges.
  • Wiimote motion controls used.

Some screenshots are already available. Little League 08 hits store shelves on August 5th, 2008. Be sure to mark it in your diary.

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Avenue Q said:



SON of A Wii1-4 said:

The art style on the box looks horrible.


MK said:

I can't wait, I want to fast forward my life to August 5th.


guy said:

This game makes me want to jump up and down because I have been waiting for this.

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