No More Heroes locations

No More Heroes locations

A batch of screenshots has been released for No More Heroes, showing off some of the locations you can visit in the game.

Map of Santa Destroy.

K Entertainment.

Need a job?

Feel the burn! It's a gym.

Who lives in a house like this? Thunder Ryu!

Beef Head store. What're ya buyin'??

Area 51.

Customize your look.

Burger Suplex.

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BrothaZ said:

I can't wait for this game! Probably going to be M, but still.


GiGANTOR said:

Cool this looks kind of like GTA.


Wiimaster said:

This game needs to come out now right now.


wii rox said:

What're ya buyin'? Sweet. Got a lotta GOOD things on sale, stranger.

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Nova said:

The lighting in this game is amazing.


Splintercell4ever said:

Is Santa Destroy based off of Santa Monica?



One of Nintendo's more Mature games.


xMr1337x said:

GTA with high tech weapons and swords, it's gonna be awesome.


sidkid004 said:

And they say the Wii's for children. *Guffaw* But seriously, this game will kick ass with a capital K. Suda51 GO.


Wii Freak said:

The gym looks real.

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