LostWinds footage

Here is some gameplay footage from LostWinds, an upcoming game for the WiiWare service. A good amount of time has obviously gone into developing this title, you'd have to say it looks very promising.

The game makes extensive use of the Wiimote to manipulate the wind, helping your character move and perform attacks.

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Wiipaw said:

I wanted a game exactly like this! A side scrolling Wii game with remote controls that interact with stuff in the environment. Such a simple idea, but no one came out with anything remotely close to this except super paper mario, but that was basically a gamecube game. Salute to you frontier, I'd gladly pay 10, 20 even 30 dollars for a game like this.


hbh said:

Looks cool.


WiiNinja said:

Nice! I love how they used the Wii technology as an interesting design. Hopefully, we will see more games with this kind of style. Who's up for Final Fantasy?


Nintendoof said:

Wow! This looks great. I'm still waiting for Gish to be confirmed on Wiiware.


Senpai said:

Those visuals are stunning, why is it full length games don't look that good?


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Though it looks kind of simple, it also looks like it could be really fun. Probably a game to rent.


Vive le Ouii said:

Dude, that looks schweet.


Jonny said:

Looks awesome.

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Nova said:

Almost looks like a kirby game.


Tommy The Wii Man said:

That music is odd.


hbh said:

I could see this becoming a series, with a DS version, a ssb character, everything.

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