MadWorld Leipzig trailer

A brand new trailer for MadWorld, from Sega at the Leipzig GC. Some hippies are already up in arms about this game and it's not even out yet. Here's hoping the negative press doesn't affect the game too much.

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Nova said:

No no no. Not hippies, ultra conservatives like Jack Thompson. Or at least the ones with their heads on backward.


Volxer Ez said:

Hey this game's going to be awesome! I can't wait. I agree, damn negative press. I'm also looking forward to Disaster Day, I hear it might still be in development.


Step said:

This trailer's the first time I've even seen the appeal in this game. I don't know, the premise of just finding disgusting ways to kill people- are you really shocked at the negative press? It certainly doesn't appeal to me.


BrothaZ said:

This is the first trailer to actually impress me. Now I don't look completely down to it.


Senpai said:

Nova, it is hippies, Thompson is not a conservative, he's a misguided republican (not all rep are conservatives). I'll tell you something, it's definitely not the right that's stopping the good ole fashion violence in games. On subject though, this game looks so freaking awesome, and I'm glad to see that you get to step out of the arena, biking looks sweet.


Nintendoof said:

I'll have to get used to the Monochrome. This trailer was SICK.

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