Diego's major evolution

Diego's major evolution

Another influx of US box arts. Here's another 2K Sports title, Major League Baseball 2K8.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 looks like it will support the Wi-Fi connection, at least in some capacity.

Last up is a game likely aimed at a younger audience, Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue.

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wiiboy101 said:

PES Wii better have the revolution in gameplay I'm imagining, if I can think it up then a talented development house can surely do so as well. Proper Wii graphics and online play also a must, the off the ball controls and the motion can add a great deal as you can determine where and when a player runs giving you far greater tactics in a game.


Link Q said:

I'm going to buy Diego's Safari adventure for sure (zzz). By the way, shouldn't Pes2008 come out with the other versions as well? But I suppose because it's for Wii, it needed more time for them to make it.


Master Foot said:

Diego's doing big things.


Pikachu Kirby Fan said:

WHOA. Diego's Safari was KID APPROVED. Awesome.

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