Manhunt 2 edited details

Manhunt 2 edited details

A preview for the new edited version of Manhunt 2 has surfaced. It's still going to be one of the goriest games ever made, but has been censored in two ways:

  • The major death strike sequences are now extremely blurred and darkened, meaning you can't see what's going on very clearly.
  • The sequence using pliers to rip off testicles is completely removed.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and that is the Wii version has some added features. They include special weapons and more blood splatter.

Expect Manhunt 2 to be released in the US on October 31st (Halloween).

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david k said:

Sucks, I mean if someone doesn't want to play a gruesome game they shouldn't buy it. Anyone over 18 should be able to do what they want within law restrictions.


The Hamburgler said:

It's probably for the better that everyone keeps their testicles. That's one line that no game should cross.


Wiimaster said:

Nice. Rockstar keep making Wii games.


kareshi is black said:

Well that testicles thing, I'm totally ok with that.

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Nova said:

Oh, so sad.


DragonFoxCoon said:

I'm sure that the ESRB would've been fine with just the bit with the testicles being removed. But, I hope that seeing less of the kill screens won't take away from the experience. Otherwise, I'm importing a Swiss game and console.


Splintercell4ever said:

Wow, why would you want the feature of removing testicles? Having them hit is bad enough.


BrothaZ said:

Well it would've been cool and ironic to have the so-called "kiddy" system be the only one where you could rip someone's balls off. It sucks that things are darker, but I'll just brighten the TV whenever I play this.


Scooby Jew said:

Occasionally clouds have a gold lining, so when's the special uncensored Wii edition coming out?


Koen van Beeck said:

Remember, people. The Netherlands. For all your testicle ripping needs.


The Doc said:

And people complain when it's not too realistic.


jonathan kent said:

Can someone tell me when the hell rockstar are going to announce whether they're going to release the uncut version in holland and scandanavia? Why would they release a cut version there when they don't have to!?


Damian said:

Like I am going to buy this game now. Why bother puting the game out if it is censored? It would be like buying a movie that is R-rated, and you go home to watch it and, in the end you end up getting the censored tv version. I hope that the big wig and Gaming moralists are happy, now that they have struck a major blow. Even ADULTS are having their rights taken away. Thanks but no thanks. It will be a matter of time before the whole Gaming Industry has to be like this. Just wait and see. All it takes is just one time of giving in, and the blood will be smelled, and more and more will be taken away from us. There is no way I am getting this game period.


Sonassis said:

This game is going to rock. It doesn't matter how many times they are going to change it. The Wii makes it the best. Can't wait for this one, the new Smash Bros. And the Star Wars game.


i need a wiieww said:

If they removed the testicle removing thingy. Would there be anything linked to anus ripping?


TruBlu said:

Whoever wants the testicle thing back needs to get punched. But Damien, you do have a point. Not that I agree 100%, but still.

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