Manhunt 2 first details

Manhunt 2 first details

Some new details of the upcoming violence-fest Manhunt 2 have been made public.

The sequel portrays the story of a scientist named Dr Daniel Lamb who gets locked in an asylum by an outfit named "The Project" (very imaginative). Needless to say, he breaks out. Wouldn't be much of a game if he didn't. He goes on the run with fellow inmate Leo Kasper, who teaches him about violence.

  • 3 types of kills: Hasty, Violent, Gruesome.
  • Environment can now be used for killing.
  • Guns can be used stealthily.
  • CCTV cameras and characters from the original won't be featuring.
  • To remain undetected in shadows, players can control Dr Lamb's breathing with button combinations (?!).
  • Ability to climb and crawl.

All this Manhunt 2 talk of late has piqued my interested and I decided to try out the original Manhunt. My personal opinion is that it's a little overrated and I'm glad it was cheap, but to be fair I'm not really one for stealth. Max Payne 2 rocks by the way.

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Splintercell4ever said:

Stealth series are almost never understood. So sad.


23 man said:

I never played the game but always wanted to. I think the sequel looks pretty good from what I've read.


Elementrat said:

Wow, those are some weird ideas. Especially the breathing thing. But ahh, If they can make them fun, go ahead. It's really too bad it's going to be on the PS2 also. I'm sick of this. Same deal with medal of honor vanguard. Wii needs exclusives.


Ekaj185 said:

Yeah Max Payne ownes foo!


ganondorfrules said:

Sounds pretty good.


Hey said:

Scary. I wonder if you encounter Mr Pidgeon, and he and Dr Lamb have a fight.



I loved the first one. It was one of my favorite games. This news makes me ready to play.


Drunkspleen said:

I think it would be a bit much to expect this to be a Wii exclusive though, Rockstar have always put their games out as Playstation exclusives or had initial Playstation releases and ported to others such as xbox later. I'm just wondering if (and how) they will work in the motion sensor / IR, I dread to think what Jack Thompson would make of a game that is in no way meant for children but involves re-enacting brutal murders in your living room. Then again, I'm sure if Jack Thompson were in most gamers living room he would see a re-enactment of a Manhunt style murder.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Why are we talking about Manhunt? It'll never fly on a Nintendo console. Will it? I mean, I was shocked when Resident Evil went exclusive with the 'Cube, but it wasn't as bad (violently) as this. Would Nintendo allow it? Imagine strangling someone with the Wiimote, wrapping a bag around someone's head, making them eat a buzzing chainsaw. Don't let Hillary Clinton read this post; she'll think I'm a serial killer. Better hid the bodies before "Big Brother" finds out.


lil coz said:

Does anyone know if you get a chainsaw in this game?

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