Kororinpa 2 given new title

What you're staring at there is the new name for the sequel to the great, but relatively unknown Kororinpa.

Marble Saga: Kororinpa hopes to better the original in a number of ways. It's due for release during Spring 2009, exclusive to Nintendo Wii. Here's the press release from Hudson:

"Marble Saga: Kororinpa is full of new levels for gamers to explore, 4-person multiplayer gameplay, tons of customization features, the ability to connect and compete online and the use of the Wii Balance Board as features".

"Gamers will be astounded to see how much entertainment we've packed into Marble Saga. Whether players want to compete with each other through multiplayer or Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, explore more than 150 levels by themselves, or use the Wii Balance Board for additional fun, this game really will deliver an action-packed adventure for gamers of all ages".

"The story takes place with players heading out on a journey with Anthony the Ant on his search for the Golden Sunflower. By guiding Anthony's marble around the Ant World and searching for items which are valuable to aid his quest, gamers will help Anthony save his colony. Along the way players will face dangerous mazes and use cool gadgets to guide Anthony to his goal. With multiple levels to explore and three difficulty stages within each level, no zone is ever the same".

"Unique features in Marble Saga allow fun customization for players. From designing the ball with special attributes to help navigate through stages easier, to Miis and preset fun images, to an Edit Mode which allows for custom design of a unique stage, gamers can really make this gaming experience their own. For a more competitive tone, a 4-person multiplayer mode allows players to compete with three other opponents on the same map as each races to the finish line. For more customization and group fun with others, the Wii Connect 24 feature allows gamers to share the unique stages they created with their friends or to receive extra stages from Hudson after the game's launch via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Additionally, Wi-Fi Leaderboards let players compete online against each other to see who can navigate through the world fastest".

"For those who can't live without gaming peripherals, the Wii Balance Board can be used as players navigate through the world as the ball with this new feature. In addition, gamers can utilize 40 innovative and useful widgets to help assist them in guiding their marble, including shrinking machines, movable bridges, vacuum tubes, cannon vaults and more".

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Nintendoof said:

Questionable name. Kororinpa 2 was fine.

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Ashley said:

Not keen on the name, hopefully it will stay as Kororinpa 2 in the UK.

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