Published by Hudson, Developed by Hudson

Genres: Puzzle / Party (2 players)

US release date: Mar 20th, 2007 | EU release date: Feb 23rd, 2007


Kororinpa is a puzzle game in which players navigate cute balls (e.g. marbles & melons) from a start point to a goal through many different mazes.

The balls are controlled using the motion sensor in the Wii remote (and nunchuck in multi player) and does not require the use of any button; when players tilt the controller, in any direction, the maze will tilt accordingly.

The player has full control of the maze and can rotate it a full 180 degrees, therefore extravagant level design will challenge players not only in their skills on keeping the ball from falling over the ridge, but also on analysing the levels in what path to take. As players roll their way to the goal they also have to pick up all the red crystals in a stage in order to unlock the goal, this adds another challenge to every level.

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Very good

Those who played Marble Madness back in the glory days of the NES will likely have a soft spot for marble games. I happen to be one of those people. The premise of the game is simple, you take control of a marble and you have to maneuver it to the goal at the end of the level....read full review

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User comments

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PHiRE said:

I love these kinds of games, I hope it doesn't stay in Japan. Looks like a fresh version of Marble Madness.


DarkVic said:

Looks like a fun-filled game. I give it a thumbs up.


wii-mote dude said:

Yeah that does look strangely entertaining doesn't it? I hope there are bosses. That'd be awesome. I mean shooting bosses is fun, but what about shooting bosses with yourself?


Ja-Mez said:

I remember a game like this called Kula World. You could unlock different balls and stages in it. You would start the whole thing as a beach ball.


Must..have..wii said:

Super Monkey Ball anyone? Might as well go buy that and enjoy some monkey goodness.


DarkVic said:

This game is oddly intriguing. I want to know what you play as. It looks like Super monkey ball.


Sonic Fan said:

It's pretty funny and yet cool at the same time.


i went wii said:

It looks unnaturally like super monkey ball or a puzzle game I played online, hamsterball I think.


dotski said:

Want it!


Crimson Demon said:

This game looks fun.


Captain Jamesman said:

Wow! This game looks cool. I'll put this baby on my to get list.


shad0w link36 said:

This game looks cool, especially if you've played roal goal. It wouldn't just be in japan because it's written in english.


Crimson Hawk said:

I think it is like one of those marble playthings where you can build your own building and let your marble go down it. I have no clue what I just said.


SeAmNiNjA said:

I look forward to playing this game and I may actually buy it, there is just something about this game the screams "hit" to me. Is anyone else thinking of buying it?


Captain Jamesman said:

I like games like these. Almost like Super Monkey Ball. I hope this game will be good, even though it's only about Marbles.


WiiNinja said:

Who played the marble game on Twilight Princess? Kororinpa is that x 100.


Eric H said:

This game rocks! It's so inventive, it was definitely something I didn't mind being addicted to for a while until I conquered it. Try it! It's freakin cool.


Starlight said:

This looks like a lot of fun. This is something I want to buy next for my Wii.


desdemona said:

Huh? Ohhh, has anyone played marble blast gold before?


lilyputt said:

Love it, a must buy. New Wii owners - helps you learn the controller.


wendells said:

I love it, and grandkids love it too. It teaches 4 year olds patience! It's addictive. Try it.


JR said:

Great game, want more games like this one.

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