Mario Galaxy 2 players

Mario Galaxy 2 players

An update on the Official Nintendo Wii site states that Super Mario Galaxy will have a 2 player option. Good news if you have a friend.

And remember: They're not just video games, they're works of a-art!

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stinky12694 said:

YES! Please be online too!


Master Foot said:

Michaelangelo would be proud.


i need a wiieww said:

Lol good pic.

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link said:



Yoshi-1up said:

YES! Luigi is a pimp.


B Darius said:

Kick ass! When is it comin' out though?! They always change the dates.

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Nova said:



-- said:

NO WAY! That is so cool, I want it even more now.


Hey said:

Heh heh. IF you have a friend. How introverted and antisocial do you think we are, Wii's World?


Smash Fan said:

I wonder how it will work.


BrothaZ said:

Heh heh look at luigi's face. It better be good!


Gonzo said:

I usually play by myself. Or sometimes, I could play with my brother but I would need an extra controller.


Goglu666 said:

Don't jump to conclusions too fast, might not be Luigi. It's not "Mario Bros Galaxy". My opinion is one will control the pointer (which is used for many things) and the other will play Mario. It's still pretty good to be able to play 2 people at the same time, it would be enjoyable. But hey, Mario 64 DS was really multiplayer simultaneous with different characters if my memory is good. So it could be as possible as well. Crossing fingers.


Elementrat said:

I have a friend.


Ekaj185 said:

My friends are always nagging me to play Wii.


joey24 said:

Yes two player with my brother, oh yeah.


DJames said:

I don't have a friend.


Unknown said:

The dude that runs Nintendo said that one player will control Mario while others aid him. I hope this means that idea is off and there will be multiple characters.


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

Yes! Luigi's the best! I am a great fan of Luigi and I hope that on the 2-player option you and your friend can work on teams.


Smash Champion said:

I have 2 friends that ALWAYS want to play the Wii. They've broken at least 3 controllers *sigh*.


Deadlyblack said:

Never would have thought there would be a 2-player option.


insultman911 said:

I wish yoshi could be playable wow, how big can two italian lungs be?

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