Mario Golf getting DLC and Season Pass

Mario Golf getting DLC and Season Pass

New courses and characters very soon

Upcoming 3DS game Mario Golf: World Tour will be getting additional content soon after its May 2nd release date.

Three bundles will be released from May through June, the Mushroom Pack, Flower Pack and Star Pack. Each pack contains two eighteen-hole courses and an additional playable character for $6 or £5.39. Mario Kart's Toadette will be featured in the Mushroom Pack, Nabbit from the New Super Mario Bros. games will be in the Flower Pack, and Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy is naturally in the Star Pack.

Players also have the option of buying all three packs at once for a discounted rate of $15 or £10.79, though the European rate will only last until May 31st at which time the price will revert to £13.49. Additional playable character Golden Mario will also be granted to those who buy all three content packs, whether bought together or separately.

Mario Golf: World Tour will be available soon on May 2nd for 3DS. Look for more coverage of the game from Wii's World soon.

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