Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2...OH YEAAAAH!

Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2...OH YEAAAAH!

Nintendo should do this more.

Third year university students across my homeland of the UK are getting ready to hand in their dissertations to complete a long and hard working 3 years to hopefully graduate in a few months time. I'm one of those, and I have hit a stumbling block in my studies...MK8 DLC.

I've waited months for the Animal Crossing DLC pack to be released, along with the recently announced 200CC difficulty, and there is no way I can put off playing it whilst studying. After all, I am royalty in the world of procrastinating.

200CC is a whole different kind of racing, as there are even more shortcuts and different kind of moves to pull to get to that gold encrusted podium position. Gliding is handy when it comes to the speed coming off a ramp. The main thing to use however would be the braking. I don't know about you guys, but I thought it was useless as the kart is always pointing forward even after a battering of shells, so at least a overlooked control will now have a light shined on it.

So, what do we get with this DLC pack? Characters: Isabelle: She's the cute little secretary in Animal Crossing, most recently in AC: New Leaf. Villager: The protagonist in Animal Crossing who you play as. Both genders are available to play! Dry Bowser: Remember Mario Kart Wii? Yep, that guy.

Vehicles: Animal Crossing themed parts: > The Streetle is the beetle shaped kart that you can blast around a racing circuit with your head held high.

> The City Tripper is the cute scooter that you see Isabelle ride in the DLC trailers, so sit back, listen to The Who and avoid blue shells.

> Leaf Tires are great parts to have if you would want to balance grip, speed and handling. They're green too!

> Paper Glider is now my favorite glider, it's a paper airplane! It's perfectly ideal for the gliding mechanics in this game.

Non Animal Crossing related parts:

> P-Wing seems obvious in the title, but yes, it's based on the power up with the same name.

> Bone-Rattler is a unqiue entry as the tricycle of the game. It also looks pretty awesome.

If you've bought both DLC packs, then you get multi coloured Yoshis and Shy Guys as a nice bonus...incase you didn't know. Right with those out of the way, lets get to the tracks. Some you will recognise and will instantly cry waterfalls of joy, but there are brand new editions.

Crossing Cup:

> Baby Park (GC): This is one of my favorite tracks as rampage is caused all over the round, short track. And with 7 laps, it's pure carnage at it's very best.

> Cheese Land (GBA): Nicely named, makes me hungry and also happy to re-visit this classic track with beautiful HD graphics.

> Wild Woods: The first new track, this is based in a forest that is inhabited by Toads and Shy Guys bouncing around on the sidelines whilst you speed hop your way on leaves to get to the finish line.

> Animal Crossing: The season changing is a signature AC move, with all your favorite characters on the sidelines cheering on as well as some nifty obstacles in your way.

Bell Cup:

> New Bowser City (3DS): Okay, it's called Koopa City on MK7, but this track is an illuminating racing experience. They also fixed that dodgy corner near the start of the track...unless that's just me failing at that.

> Ribbon Road (GBA): My favorite track on this pack, it's based in a children's play room with toys scattered across the floor. Great visuals and once again, HD graphics make this track fresh.

> Super Bell Subway: A cool subway setting that's even more dangerous than the London tube. I hate trams, especially when you drive into them.

> Big Blue: F-Zero makes another appearance to conclude the DLC pack. It's just as fast and rampant as Mute City was on the Zelda X MK8 DLC.

Well, I conclude what is new for this with my brief explanations, but of course it is so much better to look at them in person, so here is a video. I do suggest purchasing the DLC as it's absolutely great fun, even if you don't, pray for survival in 200CC. Credit goes to MKTV, Virtual Riot and Insan3lik3.

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