Mart Racer on aisle 3

Mart Racer on aisle 3

Joju Games, a small games development firm based in Berkeley CA have announced Mart Racer for WiiWare.

A racing game with a difference, Mart Racer sees you speeding your shopping cart around a supermarket, your goal being to collect items before your opponents can. Local split-screen mode supports up to four players, or you can take the action online through Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection.

Seems like a fun idea, but the collisions could use some work if you ask me.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

About time a game popped up from B-Town, hope this is a good WiiWare game.


Nintendoof said:

That's cool.


Peter said:

Hmmm. Next.

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Nova said:

Mart.. seems like a combination of mario and kart.


Master Foot said:

I've always wondered if taking items from another shopper's cart considered stealing when nothing has been paid for. Anyways, the game looks like a fun diversion from time to time.

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