Umbrella Heroes

Umbrella Heroes

Two American box arts here. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles first, it looks a little better than the Japanese cover.

Something sinister is afoot.

Next here's Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. I blew this one up so forgive the blur. It's a hard knock life.

At ease, men.

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Captain Jamesman said:

I have to agree, that box art is better then the last. Can't wait to get it.


Austin Burke said:

That MOH box looks awesome. What the hell is with the umbrella on the other?


Mr Money said:

Shouldn't there be a wi-fi logo on the MOH:H2 case?


billywill said:

The medal of honor box is definitely fake cause the way it looks and it doesn't have a wi-fi symbol on it.



Austin, it's called Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Also I'm definitely getting MOH 2.


BrothaZ said:

Actually the RE box looks REALLY good to me. Especially when I compared it to the Japanese one.


Scooby Jew said:

Wow, Austin, I have no idea. It might make sense if it said "THE UMBRELLA CHRONICLES" right on the umbrella, but since it doesn't I just have no idea. These guys are clever.


Nintendoof said:

MOH sequel already? And nice Resident evil cover. Better than the japan one but, could use a little more. Uh details. Nice work Big and. Oh or Konami.


DragonFoxCoon said:

It beats out having a few evil Ken dolls on the cover. Now, all we have to deal with is the one.


Stinky12694 said:

Ahh refreshing to know the new box of re.


Ben W said:

Um, you don't know much about resident evil do you Austin.


divnity boy said:

32 player online! Go MoH:H.

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Duh, because the resident evil games revolve around the umbrella corporation. They are generally the cause of the "zombies" or whatever nasties happen to be in your path.


Dablackluigi said:

Whesker is looking gangsta in that cover.


a wii gamer said:

How come it doesont have the wifi logo for the online play 4 heroes?


Gonzo said:

That Umbrella Chronicles game is going to be good, but the cover isn't.


droop4 said:

Ohh watch out! Whesker is striking the pose.


WeskerFan said:

In my opinion, I think it would be cool to have all the Resident Evil characters that are appearing in this game on the front cover.

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