Metal Slug 6 in the Anthology

Metal Slug 6 in the Anthology

SNK Playmore announced today that Metal Slug 6 would be a part of the Metal Slug Anthology release on Wii. Great news for fans of the critically acclaimed series since Metal Slug 6, released earlier this year in arcades has been unavailable outside of Japan. This brings the Anthology up to 7 games in total, those being Metal Slug 1-6 and Metal Slug X.

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quartzlcc said:

More Metal Slug games in Anthology! YAY!


Vortex said:

Metal Slug wasn't ever one of my favorite series, though it will be cool to see how it will use the Wiimote.


DarkVic said:

Metal slug is a 2D war classic. Even though it's quality is low, you just can't not love the gameplay.

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mike said:

I definitely got to get this.


FoolKilla said:

They're going to implement the Wiimote into gameplay. I have no idea how that's going to happen but they said it's going to be fun so we'll see about that.

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