Metroid Prime 3 Europe date

Metroid Prime 3 Europe date

Metroid Prime 3 hits the shelves in the US in a few days. As per usual, Europe gets a raw deal when it comes to release dates. In this case it could be worse though, according to an official announcement by Nintendo, Europeans should expect it on October 26th.

Gives you time to play through the first games if you haven't already.

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SSBB Obsession said:

Good thing I ain't in Europe.


i need a wiieww said:

At least we're getting the game I suppose.


BrothaZ said:

Poor Europe.


JD said:

5 days after my birthday. Awesome.

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Nova said:

I don't think so. I'm so bad at these games, I won't be able to beat the first level of the first game in the time between now and whenever.


TheMetroid said:

Looks like Dark Samus is screaming "NOOOO!". Glad I live in the US.


Zenda said:

Duh, does someone else think Nintendo dislikes Europe?


Wii decimates all said:

I agree Nintendo dislikes europe, I mean geez that's one damn long time to wait. I just hope Nintendo doesn't catch on and be like well since they waited for Metroid Prime 3, the US has to wait for Galaxy etc.


Viva Las Wii said:

WHAT? That's not even CLOSE, cutting me deep Nintendo, cutting me DEEP.


David k said:

Yeah easily they hate Europe, only game I can even think of that we got before usa was Mario strikers charged, and that's probably because they knew football would get a better reception in a football crazed country than in america which is not into "soccer" as much as we Britons.


Nightmare said:

No we also got the minish cap before the us.


FantomRedux said:

Maybe, but what's with making us wait months for EVERY game that comes out? Does it need to be translated from English to.. ENGLISH!? I mean come on what, we didn't get MMZX until nearly a year after Japan got it, FFIII was like a 3 month wait after the US release. The only difference I saw was the lack of the item dupe bug. MMZX had NO changes, and you couldn't even pick your language, so what's the big deal?


VWXYZ said:

I'm from europe just don't hope I get this game ruined by spoilers.


Andrew said:

What about australia?

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