Eidos announces Monster Lab

Eidos announces Monster Lab

Monsters are all the rage these days. Earlier today, Publishers Eidos announced Monster Lab, a new Action RPG game for Wii and DS.

The game puts you in the shoes of an apprentice scientist whose goal is to create monsters. You then take control of your monster and set about exploring, finding new ingredients to make more monster parts, combating other monsters and going on quests. Fabien Rossini of Eidos commented:

"Monster Lab will offer a wealth of fresh ideas to both Wii and DS players. These include gesture based combat, a compelling on-line fighting and trading system and total customization of the player's monster".

Expect Monster Lab to hit the shelves sometime this year. A few early screenshots are already available.

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Keranu said:

This game was announced a long time ago.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

EIDOS on a Nintendo? Whoa did I miss something, I thought they only did Tomb Raider on the PS bleck.


Brawl 4 Da Hood said:

This looks like a promising game. I think I'll get it.


wii fanatic said:

Strange game.


TruBlu said:

I love customization games. Amazing Island, Animal Crossing and games like that are excellent.

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