MySims Box art

MySims Box art

Here's the European box art for MySims.

MySims box

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Master Foot said:

I'm sorry but EA has a 1up on the Mii's in terms of customization. Maybe this will teach Nintendo to get off their behinds and update the Mii channel. Don't let the cutesy visage fool you. I heard that in the My Sims town, the freaks come out at night.


Franksy said:

I agree with Master Foot. Very busy as well.


eric ♥ wii said:

Looks cool!


DIICK said:

Master Foot is right Nintendo does need to update the Mii channel.


Wherewulf said:

Please don't let them talk simmish or whatever it is they squeak.


Wiipaw said:

I think that blonde on the cover likes me, mommy! I really do.


I have a wii said:

CHECK out the pirate in the center back, I think he's robbing the chick next to him and she's handing over her wallet. Master Foot might have been wrong, the freaks are already out.

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