MySims back with a racer

MySims back with a racer

If you thought you'd seen the last of MySims, think again - they're coming back in a racing game on both Wii and DS.

MySims Racing on Wii will let you create your own Sim as well as customize your car. The usual 4 player split-screen is included too. The DS version will have fewer options, but more emphasis on touch screen input and wireless racing for multiplayer.

It's coming out sometime this year.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Sims is the most tired series ever.


Brawler 200 said:

My SIMS + Racing = ?


Moppy said:

NO thanks.


monkeylemur said:

Isn't this getting a little too absurd?


wiiguy said:

Looks like mario kart.

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Nova said:

Will Wright must not be able to sleep since he knows what his franchise has led to.


Alloftheabove said:

Might just hire it.


Courtney said:

My dead pop-pop could play better than that! Don't you agree with me. This person STINKS.

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