NBA Jam exclusive to Wii

NBA Jam exclusive to Wii

A blog entry on the ESPN site says that EA has acquired the rights to make a new NBA Jam game, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii platform.

For those too young to remember, NBA Jam was a 2v2 basketball game first developed by Midway in 1993. An arcade-style game at heart, it featured exaggerated gameplay mechanics and effects for slam dunks, e.g. flames - resulting in the commentator shouting "He's on fire!".

NBA Jam was a huge hit back in the day and spawned many sequels, can a Wii version achieve the same success?

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YoshLee said:

Before anyone passes this game up as another crappy sports game made by EA, let me be the first to say DON'T. The NBA Jam in the arcade was actually GOOD and this has the potential for that too.

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