Need for Speed Nitro

Need for Speed Nitro

Rumors of Need for Speed's death have been greatly exaggerated, publishers EA have gone ahead and announced a new title in the series for Wii and DS: Need for Speed: Nitro. Keith Munro, a marketing boss at EA commented:

"Need for Speed Nitro on the Wii and DS will not be a Mario Kart clone - Nintendo already do an excellent job with that. Instead, we're evolving the arcade racer with a fresh and unique visual style that is very "Need for Speed". The game will be rich, deep and will appeal to experienced arcade racers as well as casual players. What you will see is that Nitro in no way resembles any other previous NFS title".

NFS Nitro is coming out sometime in Fall this year.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

It's almost impossible to appease arcade and no-gamers all at once. I doubt Need for Speed can do so.


Luwiigi said:

Make a "Death Race" video game. I'll buy it.


wiiboy101 said:

Arcade games ARE casual! Think about it, a gun game has A GUN, a racing game has a STEERING WHEEL. How much more casual-friendly can one get. I think they're saying it's a core arcade racer but with pick up and play Wii friendliness. I hope that's not family-friendly all play type wash out, but a balanced product.

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Dave said:

Racing games used to be my favorite video game genre, but in recent years that genre has all but totally lost my interest. Games like San Fransisco Rush on the N64 would hypnotize me for hours on end (and occasionally still do) because they were realistic racing games with slightly exaggerated physics and an emphasis on exploration and fun. That's what made racing games so entertaining for me. Recently, though, the emphasis has been put on extreme realism, car "tuning", and "underground" races. This can be mildly entertaining, but is far from my cup of tea. The last NFS title that I had fun playing was one from the Hot Pursuit series on the GC. EA could save NFS from "death" by making Nitro online (Wiispeak enabled would help, too), and move the game's emphasis from tuning to exploration. But I won't hold my breath. Even the *new* Rush game that came out several years ago was NOTHING like the originals, so I don't expect any other title to be overly fun, either. I'm not looking for Nitro to be a Mario Kart clone, but I wouldn't mind seeing a San Fran Rush clone.

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Nova said:

I thought people liked the original feel of need for speed games. I do hope that this change in resemblance won't be too drastic.

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