Neo Geo games in Japan

Neo Geo games in Japan

SNK Playmore has announced that in just over a week's time on September 11th, Japan will be getting its first Neo Geo games on the Virtual Console. Each game will cost 900 Wii Points.

The first game will be Fatal Fury. Other games like World Heroes and Magician Lord will follow soon after it.

There's currently no information on when the Neo Geo titles will hit other regions.

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WiiNinja said:

Ok, I have no idea what Neo Geo games are.


kareshi is black said:

Hope we get those neo geo games here in america because that console got some pretty good games.


Keranu said:

Very nice. This is going to fill the crap out of Wii's storage though.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Neo Geo. That almost did well in the States, didn't it? I wonder how good the games are.

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Nova said:

Awesome. Isn't the original metal slug from neo geo?

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Mike said:

Hmm, why aren't I jealous?


Gonzo said:

What about US? I don't want to be paying that much.


Kuking said:

Alright cool. I hope King Fighters is coming to VC and to make it better I hope it has online gameplay too.

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