New Stealth Inc. 2 Details

New Stealth Inc. 2 Details

Open game world, co-op, and more

Back in May, Nintendo announced that Stealth Inc.2 would be released as a Wii U exclusive. Since then, we haven't gotten any further details about the game. That is...until NOW - courtesy of Matt Heywood of Entertainment Buddha. He reveals many details for the upcoming game: taken from a hands-on demo, played at the recent PAX Prime event.

Among the details, the release date - which is planned for October 24th. The game will be running at a crisp, cinematic, sixty frames per second. The new co-op mode allows one player to control the main clone, and the other player to control one of the six available gadgets. Awesome!

The biggest (and juiciest) reveal is that the game will not follow the traditional stage advancement, like its predecessor. Instead, Stealth Inc. 2 will introduce a massive overworld, which can be explored by gamers any way they wish. However, some areas of the world will be inaccessible to players until they find the gadget that will allow them access (a la Metroid). The world contains 500 individual levels. It's going to take gamers at least twenty hours to complete all of those levels!

It's very possible that Curve Studios has the next eShop hit on their hands, but with so many great Nintendo titles coming out this Fall/Winter, one has to wonder if it will get lost in the shuffle. Or will Stealth Inc. 2's gameplay (and charm) be able to stand out from the packed crowd? Stay tuned.

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